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    1. The vacuum belt continuous dryer for liquid is designed to solve the problems associated with extracting highly concentrated materials in viscous products. Traditionally, a centrifugal spray dryer would damage the thermally sensitive components and lead to materials sticking to the walls of the dryer.
    1. The vacuum belt continuous dryer for powder is a high efficiency piece of drying equipment. The powder dryer features excellent thermal efficiency, low energy consumption and it produces finished products with consistent results. These dryers are commonly used for drying thermally sensitive, sticky and materials containing solvents.
    1. The spherical dryer is a highly automated and precise piece of drying equipment that makes use of a heat input and an agitator to perform efficient mixing and drying simultaneously. The vacuum dryer uses a spherical chamber to handle the stress caused by pressure buildup in the chamber during operation.
    1. Place dry stevia leaves into the steeping tank of the stevia extraction equipment, add hot water 40-50°, let the materials stir in the stirrer for 2 hours, then release the liquid. The clean soaked liquid will flow into the lixivium receiving tank after passing through the filter screen at the bottom of steeping tank.
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