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  • American client visited HaichangHere you will see that an American client paid us a visit at the Haichang Machinery factory. They came looking for a vacuum belt continuous dryer. We performed on-site coconut sugar tests to show off the capabilities of the drying equipment.
  • DeliveryThis large multi-layer vacuum belt vacuum dryer was purchased by a food company. The machine is used in continuous drying applications and features a stainless steel design that is engineered for food production.
  • Implementation of 6s management systemAs we grow as an enterprise, Wuxi Haichang Machinery Co. is devoted to producing the finest drying equipment. We feel that the best way to do this is by improving our management system in order to meet the demands of our customers.
  • Welcome the Engineer from AustraliaHere we are welcoming an Australian engineer to our factory along with former clients from Sichuan. Technical details about our drying equipment are discussed and then after lunch, one of our managers showed them around the production workshop.
  • A meeting about 6S management systemCounselor Mr. Wang was invited to organize the staff at Haichang for their 6s management system training. We feel that by implementing this system we can produce our vacuum belt dryers, spherical dryers and chemical tanks with great efficiency and consistent quality.
  • Clients from Uzbekistan did tests in HaichangHere we have some of our clients from Uzbekistan that came to visit us in order to test out our vacuum belt continuous dryer. Accompanied by our manager, they performed their specimen test and discussed the results.
  • An Israeli client came to visit Haichang MachineryAfter finding our vacuum belt continuous dryer online, an Israeli client contacted us looking to visit our facilities. They came to examine our dryers and found that our drying equipment was exactly what they are looking for. We look forward to our continued cooperation.
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