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Vacuum Belt Continuous Dryer For Liquid

Liquid Dehydrator / Belt Dryer / Tray Dryer

 Vacuum Belt Continuous Dryer For Liquid

The vacuum belt continuous dryer for liquid is designed to solve the problems associated with extracting highly concentrated materials in viscous products. Traditionally, a centrifugal spray dryer would damage the thermally sensitive components and lead to materials sticking to the walls of the dryer. Also, regular vacuum ovens are not ideal for these types of operations because the ovens take long periods of time for drying and require large amounts of energy. This tray dryer is ideal because it features a low drying temperature with excellent sanitary features and it can fully meet GMP requirements.

Range of application:

  • 1. Plant extracts
  • 2. Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP)
  • 3. Bakery products
  • 4. Pharmaceutical products
  • 5. Fruit juice concentrates
  • 6. Instant coffee
  • 7. Meat extracts
  • 8. Malt drinks
  • 9. Chemical powder
  • 10. Sticky powder

Work Flow
This drying equipment features a vacuum chamber where a material conveying guide belt (Teflon PTFE) is installed. Materials are distributed continuously on the guide belt after they pass through the continuous vacuum distributor at the top of the machine (adjustable distribution thickness 3mm-30mm). The guide belt conveys the material slowly to the other end while the heating zone (40℃-180℃) below the belt evaporates moisture within the compound. Evaporated moisture is quickly removed by the vacuum system. The compound automatically falls onto the second layer guide belt when it reaches the end. The process repeats until the desired dryness is achieved. When it is finished, materials will fall into the conveying chute at the discharging end where a screw conveyor will deliver it to other processing equipment to be ground, sieved and pulverized.

HCY Belt Vacuum Power Continuous Dryer
Basic Parameters/Model HCY1.5-1 HCY3-2 HCY6-3 HCY20-4 HACY35-5 HCY70-6 HCY100-7 HCY135-8 HCY160-9 HCY200-10
Heating Area (㎡) 1.5 3 6 20 35 70 100 135 160 200
Cooling Area (㎡) 0.7 1.5 2.5 3.5 10 15 20 27 30 35
Water Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) 1~2 3~5 5~10 15~30 30~45 55~80 90~110 120~150 150~180 180~220
Number of Drying Bed (layer) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Drying Temperature Range (℃) 40~180
Heating and Cooling Zone 2 Heating Zone 3 Heating Zone 4 Heating Zone 5 Heating Zone
Cooling Zone Cooling Zone Cooling Zone Cooling Zone
Moisture Content of the Material Charged (%) 20~30
Moisture Content of the Dried Charged (%) ≤ 1~4
Discharging Form Screwing grinding and sieving (20~200 meshes) with adjustable discharging
Heating Media Superheated water, vapor, conduction oil
Equipment Dimensions(mm) 6000×1200×2200 6500×1900
Total installed power (kw) 15 20 30 35 39 45 50 55 60 67
Operating Pressure of the cleaning system (MPa) 0.5-1.0
Yield of Dried Product (kg/h) 2~5 3~8 8~15 15~30 30~50 50~80 90~120 120~150 150~180 180~220
Notes ① The yield is calculated based on 70% content at 90℃ drying temperature with dry power containing about ≤4% moisture, in case the dried liquid is water, specific gravity of the dry power is determined to be 1.
The yield will be larger if the dried liquid is solvent.
② All technical parameters are for reference only depending on the material conditions, and our company has the right to change them without further notice.

1.It meets the GMP hygienic requirements to realize drying by finishing continuous charging,continuous discharging and grinding under vacuum condition;
2.It can realize controllable drying temperature(40℃-80℃) ,unchanged thermal sensitivity of materials,recoverability of 95%solvent as to solvent materials and vacuum drying of oxidizing materials without oxidation;
3.It can finish drying,grinding,and granulating under vacuum condition;
4.Continuous discharging starts after 20--60minutes,with product yield up to 99%;
5.Highly sticky materials will not stick to the belt(which is Teflon PTFE),and crystal materials will not damage the crystal form after drying;
6.The moisture content of the dried product can optimize such major parameters as temperature,vacuum degree and speed of the drying process,enabling the utilization of the equipment to achieve the best economic benefit;
7.It adopts PLC automatic programming control system to realize high-degree automation and greatly reduce labor operating costs;
8.Its operating cost is only one third of or even lower than of its similar drying equipment;
9.CIP automatic online cleaning system with various cleaning methods can clean the equipment completely and quickly after drying and meet the GMP requirements;
10. It is suitable for large-scale,continuous and automatic operation.

Comparison between spray dryer and belt vacuum continuous dryer
Production process
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Our team
Wuxi Haichang Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing drying, crystallizing and granulating & tableting equipment for such industries as pharmacy, food, chemical engineering and biochemistry. The area of it is 15000 square meters, of which 12000 square meters building area, with 38 million Yuan investment in total.
Since its foundation, it has been always producing high quality machines and equipment and in line with various national industry standards by taking advantage of advanced production equipment, strong technical force, sound test method, strict management system and good business reputation.


1. Are you a manufacturer, trading company or a third party?
We are a manufacturer, we founded in 2001. The floor area of our factory is 15000 square meters with 12000 square meters building area and 38 million Yuan investment in total.

2. How long will you provide the warranty period?
Our factory Provide clients one-year warranty to make sure the machine work well.

3. What kind of pre-sales service do you provide?
We offer equipment testing for your sample for free in order to help customers choose the most suitable drying machinery.

4. What kind of after-sales service do you provide?
Our professional technicians will travel to carry out onsite training and assist with instanllation .

5. What about delivery?
Usually we send the shipments in FOB Shanghai term.
However, the CIF are also acceptable which decided by the clients.

6. How long is the period of production?
Usually it takes about 90-270 days after we received your PO and prepayment. For different type of machine, production period is different.
However, it would depend on our production line schedule and the complexity of the item.

7. What is the Payment Term?
By T/T in Advance, or Irrevocable L/C at Sight.
Equipment can be customized, send us an inquiry to know more details about price, packing and shipping.

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